Life Expectancy after Birth Nearing 80 Years Old

Life expectancy has steadily increased over the past century. According to the National Center for Health Statistics’s National Vital Statistics report for 2010, the current life expectancy was 78.7 years old. Although there still remains a difference between racial groups, White and Black populations are moving closer. White Americans have a life expectancy of 79.0 while Black Americans are almost five (5) years behind with 75.1 years.

The life expectancy grew almost 30 years from the 1900-1902 time-frame to 2010. The life expectancy in the 1900-1902 time-frame was 49.2 years for all populations. At that time, White Americans were projected to live to 49.6 years of age while African Americans were expected to live to only 33.8 years. Comparing African American’s current life expectancy, with the rate at the beginning of the 1900′s reveals a dramatic 42 year increase in the century. Unfortunately, no other races were provided for the full century.

Source: National Center for Health Statistics’s National Vital Statistics (January 2011)


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